our rich history

Branson Airport

If you have ever witnessed the beauty of places like Bass Pro Shops, Big Cedar Lodge and the Branson Airport, then you have already experienced the uniqueness of our wood products. We have now taken 18 years of experience and expertise in the reclaimed wood customization industry and transformed it into affordable, economical, and portable tiny homes perfect for anyone and everyone. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway cabin, hunting oasis, or just simpler living, you can rest assure that you are getting not only superior quality, but a built-in history with each wall, cabinet, and floorboard that makes your home truly one-of-a-kind. From a tobacco farm in Kentucky to an old mill here locally in the Ozarks, we use the lumber that helped build America. Every single piece has its own extraordinary story that it has been telling for years, and it is just waiting on your new memories in these homes to complete it. Created by the hands of dedicated and hard-working American craftsmen, our 150 yearly tiny home limit ensures distinction and excellence in everything we build down to the handmade curtains made by our namesake, Sandy. The freedom provided by these beautiful homes awaits you. What are you waiting for? Start making life an adventure today!